Our Main Services

We offer a range of 'Initial' advice services supplemented by a choice of two ongoing advisory 'Review' services.

Initial Advice Services

Investment Advice
We do not just offer investment advice. We believe that ongoing 'wealth management' is vital. Investment advice is simply a specific recommendation... Read more
Pensions Advice
This is a potentially complicated area due to the vast amount of legislative change that has affected the industry in recent years. Our aim is to simplify... Read more
Inheritance Tax Advice
Due to the dramatic increases in property values this is an area that affects many people nowadays. We can calculate your potential liability and explain how... Read more
Mortgage Advice
Any advice we offer will need to be specifically tailored to your individual needs and circumstances. We are Independent Financial Advisers – This means that... Read more
Advice for Employers
If you are a corporate client you may need advice on the following areas Employee Benefits– Pension schemes and other employee benefits such as life and health... Read more
Intelligent Sports
This is our consultancy arm for professional sports people. Originally established for professional Rugby Union players we have extended the service to Rugby... Read more

Ongoing Review Services

Active Wealth Management
View our Active Wealth Management brochure This is our specialist quarterly review and valuation service and is available to all... Read more
Personal Wealth Management
This service is for clients who prefer an annual review although it can be 'personalised' to suit your requirements.

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