Advice for Employers

If you are a corporate client you may need advice on the following areas:

Employee Benefits– Pension schemes and other employee benefits such as life and health cover can be very important to employees and will boost your attractiveness as an potential employer if you are recruiting and held with the retention of key employees.

Keyman Protection – Providing your company with a lump sum to replace lost profits should one of your key employees die or become seriously ill

Share Protection – Providing shareholders with a lump sum to buy the shares of a partner or shareholder who has died

Any advice we offer will need to be specifically tailored to your individual needs and current circumstances.

We are Independent Financial Advisers – This means that we act on your behalf and do not work for or have any restrictive agreement with any product providers.

Our aim therefore is the research the ‘whole market’ and recommend the best possible solution to meet your current needs and circumstances.

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